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Artwork & Antiques

Some things you just can't break.

We are specialists in moving delicate artwork and antiques. Every painting we move is done using a specific technique that allows us to securely fasten the piece to the inside of the truck without any ropes or blankets touching the face of the painting.

Antiques on the other hand have the issue of being easily broken under pressure. Old wood in particular can succumb to stress during the moving process. Through experience we have been able to work out specific ways of reducing or in most cases, completely removing any stress on the antiques we move without compromising their security during the course of transportation. The result? Expertise.

We have moved goods for almost every antique store in Auckland. If you have something that just cannot be broken, give us a call.

Antiques can be difficult to shift and can break during transit.

Make sure you trust a professional mover to shift your valuables. Trust CD Carriers.